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August 12, 2009

“Demorash” Bike Racing Computer Game is a Simple Game

Just now, I am going to write something about “Demorash” bike racing computer game. Today, I played the game and enjoyed very much. It is simple bike racing game like a cartoon game. It is not like “Superbike” 2001 PC game but the game has own importance. “Demorash” can’t be like Virtua Cop2 Arcade game also. So, I am going on the way of the game only.

So, in the introduction of the game we can say “Demorash” game has been developed by Road Rash™ @ 1996 Electronic Arts and Papyrus Design Group, Inc. The game is developed to entertain bike racing on rash road. Players are bound to follow all the rules and regulations of traffic otherwise they may be punished by cops.

Before playing the “Demorash” bike racing computer game you need to setup some necessary options which are required. At first, you can setup graphics options. In the graphic options, there are Race Resolution and Bike Resolution. Race resolution can be set as 320×240 Full screens, 320×240 insets or 640×480 full screens. I usually use 320×240 full race resolutions. Biker resolution has two options – Standard and High-Res. My choice as biker resolution goes with Standard because it gives good bike resolution.

Graphic Option of Game

Next option of “Demorash” bike racing computer game has name option. You can choose or write a player name which you want.

Fix a Player Name

Sound setting has great worth in the “Demorash” bike racing game. It offers good sound while playing the game. In spite of, you can setup sound according to your choice.

Set a Sound

Last option is input configuration in this game. Input configuration is related to setting your computer keys command. I go with typical setting always.

Input Configuration

To play the “Demorash” bike racing computer game come to the Peninsula screen. The game has 5.3 miles length. The racing game covers Sierra Navada city. During the playing you will get many road barriers and civilians on the road. You have to drive your bike very carefully. If you crash any civilian, cops will come after you. You can use spacebar of your PC to beat your competitors. There are total 8 bikers in 1st level game. Road is not very straight so, always look towards ahead. Road are busy also so, take care about your race. The maximum speed of your bike can go up to 200 KM/H.

Play a Game

At last, the game is very enjoying. If you loose the game, you will get a sign of looser. If you win the match, you will get the sign of winner. So, if you have the game on your PC, play it once.

Final Stage of Game



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