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November 6, 2008

HALO: 2 Game Reviews

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Halo 2 is the sequel of one of the most successful X-Box game Halo: Combat Evolved. It was a major hit in USA and other countries after its release on November 9, 2004. As it was the much awaited by game lover who were stunned by its prequel Halo 1, 1.3 million copies already been ordered before its release. Due to this record anticipation by game lovers it became the most popular video game of X-Box after its release.


Bungie Studio developed Halo 2 for X-Box initially. Later on Microsoft developed PC version of Halo 2, which was released on May 17, 2007. Pi studio also worked on its and developed editing tools, which helps players to create multiplayer maps.


Story of Halo 2 starts in continuation with its prequel Halo: Combat Evolved. Storyline depicts future of twenty-sixth century where humans have colonized a large part of galaxies and are engaged in war against an alien race called “Covenant”. Player portray role of “Master Chief”, a cyborg and main character of game. In addition to this there is one more playable character, “The Arbiter”. Some changes had been made in gameplay of Halo 2 which are pleasing to the players especially who have played Halo 1 before.

Thumbs Up:

Although Halo 2 is equipped with every thing that a normal gamer loves; excellent graphics, superb gameplays and many more but the most impressive thing is game’s story. In many ways it is superior to Halo 1, especially actions in game are outstanding. One thing that is worth noticing is its great multiplayer support with many customization options, which was unavailable in Halo 1. Graphics and game designing are so excellent that sometimes players can just look it at some point of time when they are clueless about where to proceed. Music and soundtrack of Halo 2 is again a winner to its prequel. Soundtrack of Halo 2 makes use of Ambient Sound technology and Dolby 5.1 Digital surround sound. A perfect blend of action and story gives you a great experience when you will fight to survive and to save the earth.

Thumbs Down:

Although there is no major down point of Halo 2, yet there are some cons such as short campaigns, minor graphical faults at some points and co-op mode of game is limited to split screen only. At some point repetitive gameplay as in Halo 1 may bore players. But, inspite of these shortcomings Halo 2 is a fun and a great adventure.


As Halo 2 was much awaited by game lovers due to huge success of Halo 1, it got great response soon after its release on November 9, 2004. Halo 2 grossed $125 million within 24 hours of its release in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and USA. During first week of its launch in UK, around 260,000 copies were sold thus making it as third fastest selling title in UK. Up to May 2006 it was crowned as best selling X-Box game of all times with more than 8 million copies sold throughout the world. Halo 2 was also appreciated by critics for its great soundtrack and included multiplayer option. Halo 2 grabs many awards such as Game Critics Award for best console game in 2004, Game Developers Choice Award and Interactive Achievement Award for best audio effects and sound design in 2005.


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